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INVITE OF THE MONTH! Huge Year Round Sales!!

Hello, hello!

We're here today to share something AMAZING with you!

EVERY month, from here on out, we will be selecting a new design to be our featured, INVITE OF THE MONTH!

We will release ONLY THREE 50% off coupons, so you must be READY to shop on the first of every month! 

Once the featured coupons are used, the design will remain on a 25% sale for the rest of the month, so you can still get a great deal even if you miss out on the main coupon!

Have a design you would like to see as invite of the month? Leave a message on this post with your suggestions!

To get things started, we've chosen our new JESSICA COLLECTION as December's IOTM!

As an exclusive launch, there are NO LIMTS!

That's right! Anyone and everyone can get JESSICA for 50% OFF all month long!

Want to be first to know what NEXT MONTH'S feature will be? The last week of every month, only our email subscribers will get to see in advance what the upcoming feature will be. So if you're looking for a BIG DEAL, don't wait!



  • I would love to see the Lauren suite as the invite of the month for May! The design is so beautiful and timeless, it could be used in such a variety of wedding styles/ themes :)

    Anne Marie on
  • Myself and others would love to see the Ellie styled glitter suite as the invite of the month for May. I came across it and fell in love with the sophisticated yet playful glitter and beautiful font. All of my engaged friends at work asked me where they could find it they loved it so much!

    Amanda Britton on
  • Abigail suite package :) :)

    Martina on
  • I would love to see the Casey suite as invite of the month! Lovin’ that glitter navy paper with the white laser printing!

    Alexia Simons on

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